Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I just thought I would let you know my thoughts about the chain E-mail titled "I can only hope we find God again before it is too late!!

Where are Jews and Christians being pushed around? There is no other group I know of that has more rights and privileges than theist. Tax exempt, do not need to follower fair employment act, etc.

America is not an Atheist country, it is a secular country. which means you can believe in any religion you want or no religion at all. God or Jesus is not mentioned in the Constitution, just what the founders of this country intended. Calling the U.S. a Christian nation is a myth pushed by the religious right.

In a secular country, such as the U.S. you are allowed to worship God or gods anyway you want for any reason you want. You are also allowed not to believe in a supernatural being.

For someone to say that natural disasters are related to ones piety, or lack thereof, is simply looking for some link to justify a preconceived notion.

The Bill of Rights was written over 200 years ago, and mandatory prayer/scripture recitation in public school has always been a violation of the establishment clause. It just hasn’t been enforced as such until relatively recently.

Dr. Spocks son did not commit suicide. He had two sons and they are alive and well. He did have a grandson who committed suicide in 1983. He had long suffered from schizophrenia.

It always fascinates me how the author of these Christian chain E-mails gull people into forwarding this propaganda to others. When was the last time you received an chain letter from an Atheist or Freethinker?

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